Why You Should Make a Lyric Video for Your Next Single

How often have you seen an artist release a lyric video for their new single? The advent of the lyric video has become more popular in recent years, with artists including Jason Derulo, Ed Sheeran, and others producing lyric videos to help promote their latest tracks. If you’re interested in making your own lyric video, there are plenty of advantages to doing so. Read on to find out why you should make a lyric video for your next single.

What is a lyric video?

A lyric video is a promotional video that shows lyrics and an image or clip of whatever song it's promoting. They first appeared as fan-made videos and quickly became popular after artists like Adele and Taylor Swift used them as an opportunity to communicate with their fans on a more personal level. Not only do they allow listeners to better understand what each song means to an artist, but they can also give people who aren't big on singing something else to focus on other than how bad they sound at karaoke. Now that you know what a lyric video is, here are three reasons why you should make one for your next single

Why you should make a lyric video

Although lyric videos may not look like much (or take much time to make), they can give your audience an inside look at how you work, and they're unique enough to separate you from your competition. Many artists use their lyric videos as viral marketing techniques—if that's something you're interested in, then by all means produce something unique and worth sharing. If not, just put some effort into making it interesting and original. Regardless of what you do, remember that these videos will appear on YouTube—the biggest video site in the world. So even if they don't rack up millions of views, your message is still getting out there through another channel. What are you waiting for? Make a lyric video today!

5 Tips on How To Promote Your Video

Music videos may be one of the most overlooked promotional tools when releasing new music. Making your own video will allow you to fill in that blank and fully promote it in any way you see fit.

How To Promote It:
  • Use Social Media – The first step to success with a lyric video is actually sharing it with others who might enjoy watching it – not just yourself. Hashtags, retweets and likes are great ways to get attention from other users who then go on to share your content as well.

  • Add Text – This little trick won't even cost you anything besides some Photoshop skills or a quick Google search for free stock photos with editable text options. Texting apps such as Snapchat have also proven successful at getting their filters noticed by many viewers over time, so think about incorporating those kinds of features into yours if possible (just make sure they make sense within your video!).

  • Get Influencers Involved – Have any famous friends? Music video directors? Even just Twitter followers who are already interested in following along to see what you do next? Send them an invite to promote it alongside you!

  • Keep It Short and Simple – It's tempting to get extra creative with how long your lyric video is and try out new editing techniques, but keep in mind that most people don't want to sit around watching something longer than 3 minutes. Avoid cramming too much information in one place and instead spread it out among several different videos if need be.

  • Always Tag Others – Even if you aren't directly sending it to anyone, be sure to tag any artists who might enjoy having their work showcased alongside yours or any social media accounts that might share or repost what you've done at some point down the line!

Tips on how to get the most exposure from your lyric video

Getting your lyric video noticed isn't easy; however, there are some tried-and-true strategies you can use to maximize exposure. For starters, make sure your lyric video is public (so anyone can view it) and available on YouTube (rather than Vimeo or some other platform). If you're going to upload your video directly to YouTube, choose one of their six supported formats—MP4 is by far best. Once you've selected a format, give your video a good title, description, and tags. Finally, embed it somewhere prominent online—such as your website or Facebook fan page—where users will be able to find it easily. After all that? Just sit back and watch as people share it with friends who share it with their friends who share...you get the idea!

In Conclusion

Music videos and lyric videos allow fans to really engage with your music. A lyric video takes things one step further: Not only can fans connect with your song, but they can also learn how to sing along and play it at home. Music lovers love learning new things about their favorite artists, so creating an immersive experience like a lyric video is bound to get them excited. It's another way of letting listeners know how much work you put into your craft—and why they should spend time listening to it.

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