Why Album Cover Art is Still Crucial in the Digital Age

Thanks to the rise of digital music, it's not uncommon to find yourself checking out an album on iTunes, only to be disappointed by the cover art (or lack thereof). Nowadays, many musicians focus more on using their best photo rather than creating anything remotely eye-catching. But does this matter? Yes! It can make or break an album's success; in fact, most music critics agree that the cover art has even more impact now than it did when CDs were popular. Here are just a few reasons why album cover art will always be crucial for success in the digital age.

1) History

Throughout music history, album cover art has always been an integral part of an artist's identity. It helps listeners to better connect with their favorite musicians, since it often gives listeners insight into what inspires them or where they are emotionally during that time period. Many people have had emotional responses after seeing visual artists' interpretations of favorite albums, especially after seeing artwork for lesser-known groups.

2) How people are still influenced by cover art

One of my favorite albums of all time is The Temptations' All Directions. Released in 1971, it has a beautiful green background with an image of two intersecting arrows that are designed to look like musical notes. Although I haven't seen it in years, I still remember how amazing that album cover looked on my CD rack growing up. Every time I see something even slightly similar today (like one of our Teachable album covers), I get subconsciously triggered into buying or supporting what's being presented to me. It doesn't even matter if there was anything important about how great-looking artwork can be for your brand—just looking at pretty designs makes people happy!

3) Techniques used by artists when creating cover art

There are multiple ways that artists use to get their point across when creating cover art. These techniques include: Use of Colour, Perspective, Triangles and Foreground Objects. A good cover will use all or at least some of these techniques. When an artist uses these techniques they can ensure that their audience will see and understand what message they are trying to get across.

4) People are easily influenced by images

Nothing influences an audience more than images. As a result, album cover art still holds weight, even as listeners turn to streaming platforms rather than buying music. Even if your listeners don't buy physical copies of albums, they are subconsciously picking up on what they see at concerts or online. Make sure you are putting together covers that are effective for today's society! Use sharp logos and eye-catching colors to reflect your band's unique style. Use real photos or other types of artistic elements—or put them all together to create truly memorable artwork!

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