How to Promote Your Music with A Lyric Video in 2021

If you're an aspiring musician, getting your name out there can be difficult. The good news is that technology has made it easier than ever to get your music out there to the public, even if you aren't signed with a record label or don't have any connections in the industry. All you need is to make a lyric video using free tools on the internet, and it will get shared around social media by your followers and fans, bringing you exposure and new potential fans.

A Lyric Video is Worth 1000 Words

For independent musicians looking to promote their music, making lyric videos is one of your best bets. With platforms like YouTube and Vimeo allowing anyone access for free, it's easier than ever to do so. If you're not already using these platforms as an artist, now is a great time to jump on board before they become saturated. So how exactly can you make a lyric video?

Here are five simple steps:
  • Write catchy lyrics that stick in listeners' heads. They should convey what your song is about or really highlight something unique about your sound or style.

  • Make a beat that complements your melody. You don't need to be a musician, but it does help if you have a decent understanding of beats and rhythms from working with music creation software.

  • Record yourself singing over your instrumental track. Consider adding some effects to give your voice more character.

  • Make a video featuring yourself performing live.

  • Upload all of your work onto YouTube/Vimeo/etc.

What Makes a Good Lyric Video?

A lyric video is an interesting way to promote your music. But what makes a good lyric video? Here are three tips. First, make sure you're presenting lyrics that match well with your song. Second, pay close attention to sound quality; if you can use an electric guitar instead of a cheap acoustic knockoff (which many indie bands do), it will help distinguish your video from everyone else's. Third, remember that there's value in simplicity: keep your video short and sweet. If you think you have something truly compelling to say, go ahead and say it--but don't waste valuable time on anything extraneous. Anyone who wants more information can follow up by watching more videos or visiting your official website or Facebook page.

Why Do Artists Use Lyrics Videos?

To understand why artists are turning to lyric videos, we have to first ask: Why do musicians use music videos? Because they need exposure. Artists use music videos as a marketing tool to promote their music and get exposure for their brand. Because lyrics don't change from song-to-song, a lyric video can be used across all of an artist's songs. This not only promotes them as an artist but also allows them to reach more listeners on YouTube than just one video could alone. The key is that fans associate your songs with your image on YouTube through your lyric videos. If you want more people to hear your music, it's important that they remember you by sight—and singing along doesn't hurt either!

Designing your lyric video

Working with others who have complementary skills can be a great way to expand your reach and attract an audience. But how do you find like-minded people who are interested in collaborating? One strategy is to look for people already doing something similar (even if not exactly what you're looking for) and connect over social media. Another strategy is to take an active role in communities or associations related to your field; attend events, network, and encourage participation among like-minded people.

Collaborate with Other Creators

Collaborating with other creators on YouTube, SoundCloud or other social networks is an effective way to reach your audience. The truth is that people tend to be more receptive when they see artists working together; it's refreshing and inspiring. It's also good for community building.

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